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Biofil Digesters Installation  and Agricultural Consultancy.

Biofil Digester Installation

We constructed a modern soakaway that last several years and saves you more money than you think

Biogas Installation

Biogas systems produce natural gas from biodegradable waste (poultry, cattle, crop farms e.t.c for cooking, heating, and powering gas generators. 

Estate Septic Management

We provide consultancy on the best waste management for septic tanks, especially for water-logged areas.

We help you

Get a modern septic tank (biofil digester) for your home or office.


We construct and maintian biofil digesters  for homes, hotels, offices and offsite locations. This is the smartest decision people are making this century because you get 20 years lifetime value and it is 30% cheaper than the normal septic tank.

  • Toilet Systems
  • Waste water filtration Filtration systems for homes and companies
  • MaintenanceHedge Trimming & Maintenance
  • Odour ControlOld septic tanks
  • Sludge Reductionfor old septic tanks
  • Plumbing pipes cleaning
Ekosphere Biofill Construction in Edo State

Learn a skill and earn


Do you want multiple streams of income? then this is the right information for you.

Ekosphere Global is bringing a sure way to generate income without stress by providing sustainable solution to a wide market.

We train you to become a biofil digester technician. Biofil digester is a modern day soakaway/septic tank.

  • It requires a small space.
  • It doesn’t poison undergound water.
  • It takes 3-5days to build but last up to 20-25years in use.
  • It is perfect on waterlogged lands.

The best part is that you make N100,000 & above on every installation and you do not need any technical knowledge.

This training will take only 20 trainees.

Delivering amazing value for our clients

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A little about us

We are creating biotech solutions to ecological problems facing society!


At Ekosphere, we are proud to tackle some of the toughest waste management problems in society especially in riverine and high population density areas. Our goal is to provide green solutions.

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Talk to our biofil digester experts to discuss your soakaway project.

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